JERONIMO was founded in 1969. In this time they had their first two hits „HE YA“ and „NA NA HEY HEY“. With these two chartbreakers, JERONIMO reached the number one position for most countries in Europe.

In 1970 JERONIMO presented the album „SPIRIT ORGASZMUS“, which was a very special and unprecedented compilation with „CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL“ with an extraordinary artwork, which is, until this day a popular collector’s item.


In 1970 JERONIMO and „STEPPENWOLF“ toured successfully through Germany.

Steppenwolf Tour

In the same year JERONIMO had their headline performance at the legendary „Progressive Pop Festival“ in Cologne with „DEEP PURPLE“, „GOLDEN EARRING“, „T-REX“, „THE KINGS“, „BARCLEY JAMES HARVEST“, „PROCOL HARUM“ and many more.


Particularly worth mentioning ist the epic ‚Rock Circus Open Air‘ in Frankfurt 1970. They performed with „The Byrds“, „Orange Peel“, „Black Sabbat“ and many more.

Open Air Rock Circus 1970 Frankfurt

‚Pop Camp Festival‘ in Nuremberg with „T-Rex“, „Spencer Davis Group“ and many more.

Pop Camp 1970 Nürnberg

A tour with „Golden Earring“ and „Krokodil“ followed. They toured Switzerland and Sweden with the legendary „Deep Puple“.

Pop Monster Wetzikon 1971

JERONIMO’s biggest stage performance took place in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1971 for „UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)“ which was broadcasted worldwide on television.


JERONIMO could be seen in numerous European television shows like „HITS A GOGO“, „BEATCLUB“ and „BANANAS“.

After 30 years and millions sales of records worldwide, JERONIMO is still cult. In 1999/2000, their hits „NA NA HEY HEY“ and “HE YA“ were re-released on numerous hit-compilations.

Stern Compilation

The CD’s „COSMIC BLUES“, „TIME RIDE“ and „BEST OF“ have been available in record stores since 1991.

After numerous trials with „the purple record company“ in Frankfurt, Ringo Funk successfully acquired the rights to all of JERONIMO’S songs in November of 2000.

In spring of 2002, four new CD’s „JERONIMO“, „COSMIC BLUES“, „TIME RIDE“ and „BEST OF“ were released, which have been digitally mastered from the original recordings. It’s include a bonus track on each CD partially with previously unreleased material.

In 2017 JERONIMO released a special digipack of the album „COSMIC BLUES“ with special artwork and a cd with a unique ‚vinyl-look‘

In 2019 JERONIMO celebrated their 50th anniversary and released a limited edition of 300 picture vinyl of the album „JERONIMO“.

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